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Ozone Shocking

First Class Building Inspections is here to help you cure your home of any stubborn lingering odors. Our professional ozone shocking treatment is a fast and inexpensive method to zap away unpleasant odors in residential and commercial buildings. We are the team to choose for your tough odor removal – we have the knowledge and experience to carry out a safe treatment and get your space smelling fresh once again.

If you are trying to tackle a difficult odor away from your property for good, (306) 743-7600 is the number to call. Get in touch today.

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Professional High-Ozone Shock Treatment

Ozone shock treatment is a very effective method of getting rid of odors in your space, including those caused by mold and can even kill certain vermin. It must be noted that an ozone shocking is not a full solution to handling the problem. For example: If a smell is arising from a patch of mold, the ozone will not clean the mold. It will render it dead.

Ozone shock treatment cleans the area by emanating ozone molecules into the area. Ozone molecules have an extra oxygen atom compared to the air we breathe, and thus, when the ozone meets the unpleasant particles in the room, the extra oxygen atom neutralizes the smell. To have your home or business assessed and treated professionally – we are the team to choose in the area to remove stubborn smells.

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The Best Local Smoke Odor Eliminator

It can be very tiresome trying to kill smells by using home methods. No matter how long you search online, you will always find another method that claims to be the best. Once you have exhausted that search, ultimately, you will learn that ozone shocking is the best solution. It utilizes the laws of chemistry to clean the air and is perfect for getting rid of:

  • Cigarette smoke odor
  • Marijuana smoke odor
  • Mold odor
  • Mildew odor
  • New paint smell
  • Food smell

If the odor you need to remove does not appear on this list, call us anyway. There are many things that our high-ozone shocking can treat.

Utilizing Only the Best Ozone Shock Treatment Equipment

Being the best local smoke smell remover means being an expert in our trade. When we show up, you will see that we operate professionally. Any member of our team who comes to your property will know what they are doing and can answer any questions about the treatment you may have. We only utilize safe practices and focus on a results-driven approach. By the time we are gone, the smell will be too.

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We know exactly how frustrating it can be trying to get rid of an old stench. For the most effective results and knowledgeable staff in the local area, call First Class Building Inspections at (306) 743-7600. We will have your property smelling fresh in no time.

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